Top 10 unknown rulers of Indian Territory

India has always been a major attraction of other countries and it is also been known as the city of gold.

India got many rulers who ruled and created their own dynasty’s, here we got some unique names which you might have not heard about.

Below is the list of top 10 unknown rulers who ruled Different Indian Territories.

List of 10 Unknown Rulers in India:

  1. Maharaja Ranjit Singh: Ruled from 1801 to 1839 in Northwest India
  2. Porus: Ruled from 315-340 BC and conquered the territory between Jhelum and Chenab.
  3. Samudragupta: Ruled from 336 to 380 CE and conquered the territory of west bengal.
  4. Muhammad Bin Tughluq: Ruled from 1324 to 1351 and ruled in Delhi territory.
  5. Rajendra Chola 1: Ruled from 947 to 1014 in Lamuri.
  6. Shivaji Bhosale: Ruled from 1627 to 1680 in Maharashtra.
  7. Raja Raja Chola: Ruled from 985 to 1014 ECE in Southern India.
  8. Bimbisara: Ruled from 492 to 544 BCE in Magadha.
  9. Pulakeshin: Ruled from 610 to 642 in Deccan.
  10. Krishnadevarqya: Ruled from 1471 to 1529 in Vijayanagar.

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