Top 10 Interesting Facts about Universe

Universe has always been an interesting subject to talk about or to learn about.

Earth is one of the smallest entity in this Universe which comprises with multiple galaxies. Being Earth as a single known planet with livelihood makes us wonder of other galaxies also having same sort of planet just like earth and if it does have one then one kind of creatures are there and what kind of technologies they are using.

In this article we will be talking about the interesting facts about the universe:


  1. Every Planet has its moon but their are 2 planets in our universe which doesn’t have its moon i.e., mercury and venus.
  2. Black hole is one of the talked about things in the galaxy and it is to be said that if a star goes to a black hole then it can be torn apart.
  3. Scientist says that the width of the Milky-Way is 100,00 light years.
  4. Planets in our solar system is been named or denoted by a God, Earth is the only planet who doesn’t have a name after a god.
  5. Pluto is the smallest planet which is even smaller than the moon of the earth.
  6. The Age of our moon is 4.5 billion years.
  7. Uranus got a unique tilt due to which a single night on Uranus is 21 years on Earth.
  8. Being a human we know much more about our solar system then our deep ocean.
  9. The time of light from the sun to appear on earth is 8.3 minutes.
  10. The Earth revolution time increases every year by 0.0001 seconds.

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