Top 10 Interesting Facts about Shah Rukh Khan

We all Love Shah Rukh Khan, especially for his Wittiness, Charm and Kind Nature. Shah Rukh Khan is one of the popular celebrity as is crowned by his fan and the bollywood as King Khan.

He is one of the popular actor in all of the Khan’s following by Salman Khan and Amir Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan is also being called SRK and his current age is 53 years.

There are some of the interesting facts about SRK below:


  1. Shah Rukh Khan own’s a home on Moon. One of his Fan from Australia bought a piece of land on moon for him.
  2. This fan has also bought several acres on the “Sea of Tranquility”.
  3. There is one of the crazy fan named Paige Wilson from Los Angeles who makes clay statue of every activity that SRK does. Checkout here work here.
  4. In 1998, SRK gave his award to Salman Khan and said him to deliver his speech.
  5. SRK is obsessed with a number i.e, 555 which you can see on his car. he consider it at his lucky number.
  6. SRK got a status of knighthood from Malaysia.
  7. Shahid kapoor one of the bollywood actor admitted that he was motivated by SRK to start working as an actor.
  8. SRK has been named among the top 5 richest actor worldwide many times including Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.
  9. DDLJ was one of his biggest hit’s. SRK didn’t even read that scrpit and just did this movie for his filmmaker.
  10. SRK did love marriage with Gauri, the love of SRK is still shown by the engagement ring which is wearing from the last 28 years on his right hand.

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