Top 10 Interesting Facts about Lodhi Dynasty

Lodhi was one of the ruler in India and the ruler’s were Bahlol Lodhi, Sikandar Lodhi, and Ibrahim Lodhi respectively.

Lodhi Dynasty ruled in India ruled from 1451 AD to 1526 AD.

Lodhi Dynasty Replaced the Sayyid Dynasty and it reformed administration, strength the army, cultivation and welfare of the society.

There are some cool facts about Lodhi Dynasty given below:


  1. Bahlol Lodhi was the founder of Lodhi Dynasty.
  2. Bhalol Lodhi conquered territories around delhi and established his greatness of the delhi sultanate.
  3. Bhalol lodhi fought with Mahmud Shah Sharqi of Jaunpur and conquered his territory.
  4. Sikandar Lodhi came into picture in 1489 AD and ruled the emipre till 1517 AD.
  5. Sikandar Lodhi concluded a friendship treaty with Alauddin Hussain Shah of Bengal and appointed Dariya Khan as the Governer of Bengal.
  6. Sikandar extended his Dynasty by conquering Bihar, Dholpur, Chanderi etc.
  7. He was the one who established the system of Auditing of Accounts.
  8. He was the great writer who wrote versus on the name of Gulrukhi.
  9. He had two sons Ibrahim who took the throne of Agra and Jalal who who took the throne of Jaunpur.
  10. In the later picture Ibrahim Killed Jalal and took over the throne of Jaunpur.

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