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“Strength Lies not in defense but in the attack”

“He alone, who owns the Youth, gains the future”

These are the Quotes by Famous German Politician and Nazi Party Leader , Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 in Austria but was raised the largest city of Austria , Linz.

Let’s Know some Amazing Facts about him..


  1. Hitler had an interest in art and was an aspiring Artist, but was rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts
  2. He once stayed in a Homeless shelter in Vienna because of poverty.
  3. He also hired women to give birth to babies with blue-eyed, blonde-haired.
  4. Hitler was an admirer of a German professor of theology, composer, Martin Luther.
  5. Nazi Leader Hitler stayed with no Nationality for 7 years after he became the citizen of Germany.
  6. Once Hitler got Blinded (Temporarily) in World War I during a mustard gas attack on his camp.

  7. Hitler had a big mustache with handlebars, but he ordered to get trimmed after the Gas incident during World War I which almost blinded him.
  8. He had 6 Siblings, 3 of them died in his childhood.
  9. Drugs Like Cocaine were prescribed to Hitler by doctors to cure his throat and sinus problems.
  10. He was a great fan of Disney.

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