Top 10 Facts about IAF MIG 21 Bison which defeated Pakistan’s F-16

On 27th Feb 2019 , Pakistan Air Force (PAF) intruded indian territory with their F-16 Jet in morning.

Indian Air Force (IAF) was in stand-by position after Surgical Strike 2.0 conducted on Feb 26 , taking revenge of Indian Brave Soldiers who died in Pulwama Attack.

Indian Force sent their MIG 21 BISON jet to counter Pakistan F-16 and 21 destroyed a Pakistan’s F-16 Falcon in an air-to-air combat near LOC.

Let’s us Know some Facts about MIG-21 Jet…


  1. MIG 21 (Mikoyan-Gurevich) was designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union.
  2. 21 is 6 decades old Jet.
  3. MIG 21 was nicknamed balalaika because it resembles a pencil.
  4. 60 Countries (Approximately) has flown MIG 21 Jet.
  5. First flight of MIG 21 was on 16 June 1955.
  6. MIG is mostly famous for its Delta Wings and the first prototype called the Ye-4.
  7. Indian Air Force Adopted MIG 21 in the Year 1961.
  8. These jet played an important role in Indo -Pak 1971 war.
  9. Currently, IAF is using MIG 21 as Interceptors.
  10. Approximately 500 MIG 21 Jets have crashed since their launch due to some technical issue.

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