The Unambiguous Language, ‘Sanskrit ‘

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Sanskrit , a language of ancient India which has a history of more than 3500 years.

It is an Old Indo-Aryan language and also holds a prominent position in Indo-European studies.

Let us know some Facts about Sanskrit Language..


1)In Sanskrit language , each word has many synonyms.

2) Sanskrit Language newspaper ‘sudharma’ which was started in 1970 is still active online

3) Native of Mattur Village in Karnataka speaks only Sanskrit.

4)According to research , Forbes magazine stated that Sanskrit is the only computer-friendly language.

5) Speaking Sanskrit also improves brain functionality and helps students become more intellectual.

6) Sanskrit was also the national language of India before Arabs invasion.

7) Sanskrit is a spiritual language as it combines two words ‘sanskar‘ meaning principles of moral values and ‘Krit’ meaning inculcating.

8) Sanskrit is also know an Dev Bhasha or Devavani , since it was the language spoken by gods according to ancient Indians.

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