Giant Star of Solar System, The Sun

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Sun , a main sequence star which is a major reason why life exists on earth.

It is also the star at the center of the solar system which is also responsible for weather changes on our planet.

This giant star is almost as big as 1 million earth put together.

Whoa that’s way too big… :0

Lets see some more facts about the sun…


  1. Sun is known to be a perfect sphere.
  2. Sun’s size is so big that you can easily fit 10 lacs Planet earth in it.
  3. It takes approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the light to reach our planet Earth from the Sun.
  4. Since all hot Objects expand, similarly sun expands too.
  5. Sun has an internal gravitational pull which controls it from exploding.
  6. Sun has a total of 6 layers.
    1. Core
    2. the radiative zone,
    3. the convective zone,
    4. photosphere,
    5. the chromosphere,
    6. the outermost layer, the corona.
  7. Like our whole Solar System, the sun also rotates around milky way galaxy.
  8. Rotation of sun is west to east unlike earth which is east to west.
  9. Sun is approximately 4.6 billion years old and is in halfway of its total life.
  10. Sun will consume earth and corresponding planets after it has burnt through all of its hyderogen.

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