Babies have 300 Bones at the time of birth?

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New Born’s are so adorable that everyone of us wants to take them in their hand and cuddle but we are only afraid of hurting their tiny little body parts.

Well , lets tell you something babies are stronger than you think :p.

Didn’t got it?

Okay let us explain..

Babies are born with 300 bones which approx 100 more than an adult :).

Let us explore some facts..


  1. Babies have approximately 300 bones at the time of birth.
  2. Many of these bones are connected by cartilage,a flexible connective tissue.
  3. Extra Flexibility helps them during the birth process.
  4. The rapid growth of a newborn is also dependent on this flexibility.
  5. As a child grows, these 300 bone fuse or you can say grows together making a total of 206 bones and makes up an adult skeleton.
  6. By late adolescence, all of the bones have fused together .

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