Top 10 Interesting Facts About Water.

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Water , a compound made up from two elements Hydrogen and oxygen is basically an tasteless, transparent, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance.

Our Planet , Earth is 71 % water covered and almost 95 % that water source are oceans.

Water is an one of the important reason why life exists on earth.

Lets us find out some important Facts about Water…


  1. An average human body consists of 50 to 65 percent water.
  2. 71 % of Earth’s surface is covered with water but only 1 % is drinkable.
  3. It is the only substance on earth that is found naturally in three forms: liquid, solid and gas.
  4. World’s supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica and that is approx 90% of the total supply.
  5. Water helps in regulating Body temperature during fever.
  6. There’s a study which states that a person can live without food for a month, but only about a week without water.
  7. 20 Gallons of water is used to create a pint of beer.
  8. There’s a discovery by NASA which states that Moon has water in the form of ice.
  9. Maximum percentage of earth’s surface water is permanently frozen or salty.
  10. Insufficient water consumption can cause a risk factor for various types of cancer.

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